The shift to digital has made it possible for brands to collect a vast amount of data and track a whole range of useful metrics, many of which never existed before. And while it’s easier than ever to pull data in, doing something with it can prove difficult for even the cleverest of brands.

A cloud-based CMS, Sitecore is a built to help generate and maximize the value of customer insights, providing a range of tools to collect, digest, and activate valuable data. The takeaways from this process can be used to refine marketing and personalization efforts, presenting a whole range of opportunities for smarter business and greater audience engagement.

To complement its robust data tools, Sitecore also offers scalable solutions for commerce, experience management, website creation and much, much more. For clients needing a platform that pairs data with experience, while still remaining agile enough for the constant pivots of the digital world, Sitecore is likely to be a part of the conversation.

BFM + Sitecore

You’re going to have a hard time reaching your customers if you don’t know who they are, what they do, and where they do it, and you can’t sit down and ask each them individually. Thankfully, you can let data do the talking – you just need an ear tuned to listen.

Sitecore development gives brands access to a CMS platform that turns traffic into insights, and provides you with the information critical to reaching your audience and personalizing content especially for them. In an era where making interactions feel valuable is more important than ever, this is an essential capability and a considerable competitive edge.

As an agency, BFM has always believed in data. No matter what we’re doing for a brand, we believe it’s best done with a robust foundation of market and customer insights backing us up. With Sitecore, we can continue this commitment to leveraging data every step of the way, all with the goal of building you a stronger, more relatable online brand.