Sitefinity is a simple-but-powerful CMS platform built on the .NET framework, with nearly unlimited capabilities when it comes to developing dynamic, custom-built websites. Beyond its ability to help you create, store, manage, and deliver digital content in a simple, streamlined way, Sitefinity comes equipped with a broad selection of must-have features and functions.

The real strength behind Sitefinity is its toolset for experience creation. Whether you’re an enterprise-level brand or an up-and-comer, Sitefinity is invaluable for creating memorable and engaging customer experiences, and driving users to your site through the platform’s collection of built-in marketing tools.

BFM + Sitefinity

Sitefinity is the CMS of choice for many blue-chip brands due to its backend simplicity and experience-driven capabilities. At BFM, we value Sitefinity for its ability to power custom-built websites that deliver personalized content, powerful user experiences, and seamless buyer journeys.

Content still rules in digital, and BFM is proud to be partnering with the trusted Sitefinity platform. And by expanding our .NET-based CMS offerings, we enable brands to create and distribute compelling, personalized content while reducing reliance on IT.