B2B prospects are people too. Amidst the complexities of B2B, that simple, critical insight drives better business results.

B2B marketing has its own techniques, tactics, and jargon. Success is defined differently, with generating qualified leads often the key goal. And there’s often a technical dimension that can be, to non-specialists, a little unsexy, if not mystifying.

With all these points to consider, it can be tempting to settle for branding, a website, or marketing that’s somewhat unexciting – after all, that’s the nature of B2B. Right?

We don’t think so. We’re committed to a human-centric philosophy, and B2B prospects are humans. In their personal and professional lives, people are tired of large-scale, impersonal, interruptive marketing, and they’re experts in tuning out what they find irrelevant.

Like anyone else, B2B prospects want to be engaged. They want to build relationships with brands they can trust. Truly understanding prospects’ informational and emotional needs, and using that insight to exceed expectations, gives you an enduring, game-changing advantage. And because B2B often settles for less, with the right partner there’s enormous opportunity to cut through. 

Cross-Practice B2B Expertise

We’ll say it directly: we love B2B work. We relish the challenge of translating technical detail and business strategy into engaging experiences that deliver real substance and value.

Across all three of our core practices – branding, content + commerce websites, and marketing – we have diverse and rich B2B experience to draw from.   

  • Branding: It’s a mistake to assume strong branding is only valuable in B2C. Having a distinctive look, feel, and tone can be a huge advantage in a crowded marketplace (just ask MailChimp or Slack). Also, developing a brand story can add value across the organization by articulating a shared sense of purpose, paying dividends in areas from sales to product development, customer service, and employee retention. Our branding center of excellence, BFM Brand Lab, excels in creating compelling, cohesive brand stories that set the stage for developing standout brand identities. 
  • Content + Commerce Websites: BFM’s experience building B2B websites – especially lead gen sites – runs broad and deep, encompassing an imposing range of industries, organizations, and platforms. We’re single-minded, results-focused, and well-versed in connecting business requirements to the needs and concerns of your users. We’re also never satisfied until we’ve built a site that grows engagement and delivers value by outperforming the website it replaces.
  • Marketing: The key to effective marketing today – B2B or B2C – is connecting on the customer’s terms, employing data intelligently, and creating personalized, relevant experiences. We regularly deploy our proprietary, sprint-based marketing methodology for B2B clients – leveraging data to find actionable insights, and using those insights to create compelling content that puts the needs of its audience first.
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How We Think

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Discovering what’s next in digital and helping you craft a roadmap to get there.

Brand Strategy

Building memorable – even lovable – B2B brands with the BFM Brand Lab.

Digital Strategy

Delivering high-performing websites with a human-centered approach.

Marketing Strategy

Deploying an iterative, sprint-based methodology for real business results.