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A brand is more than a logo, a tagline, or a playbook. Brands emerge from the ways that customers interact and connect with your business. If your audience thinks you don’t understand them – or share their values – they’ll find someone who does.

But today, the role of the brand is changing. Brands traditionally strive for a uniform look, feel, and voice to ensure consistency of message. But we are entering an age where brand experiences will need to adapt intelligently to audience needs and behavior, in order to leverage next generation technologies like voice and AR/VR and exceed changing expectations.

BFM Brand Lab was created to help brands navigate this age of intelligence and chart a course from now to next. A branding center of excellence within Blue Fountain Media, BFM Brand Lab helps brands articulate who they are, bring a brand identity to life, and activate the brand across a range of present and future technologies. Ultimately, we’re here to empower modern brands to find their place in a fast-changing world.


"64% of people cite shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand." - Harvard Business Review

BFM Brand Lab Services

We’re a team of strategists and creatives
delivering end-to-end branding services.

Brand Strategy

Building brands one human connection at a time.

Logos + Visual Identity

Stunning, sophisticated branding that’s strategically on point.

Naming + Taglines

The right combination of inspiration, perspiration, and research.

Brand Collateral 

The physical and digital designs to bring your new brand to life.

 Your brand should be evident across every touchpoint

Brand lab strategy

The BFM Brand Lab Pillars of Connection

The brands we most admire at BFM Brand Lab have a few things in common. We’ve distilled those observations into a few principles that we apply to everything we do.  

  • Always adapt
    Keep up with your audience.
  • Elicit emotion
    Give customers more than they expect.
  • Act on insight
    Use data to drive intelligence.
  • Stand for something
    Have a point-of-view beyond business.
  • Dare to differentiate.
    Be bold instead of blending in.
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