In the midst of a pandemic, starting to feel unwell is a scary experience. Do you take a risk and go out to seek treatment? Or do you stay home and try to ride it out?

To the team behind long-time BFM client Fruit Street, this was a choice people shouldn’t have to make. Reacting quickly to the COVID-19 crisis, they envisioned and launched CovidMD.

A risk assessment, triage, and telemedicine platform, CovidMD is built to provide personalized guidance and medical care from the comfort of home.

covidMD the challenge


Users take a 1-minute online quiz, created by physicians using CDC guidance. Based on the answers, the quiz determines your COVID-19 risk and gives you advice on how to respond. And if you need a little extra care and attention, you can connect with a doctor for a telemedicine session via video chat.

“CovidMD lets you get care without putting yourself at further risk. And with a lot of medical practices affected by the pandemic, it also means doctors can put their valuable skills to good use,” said Account Director Brynn Smith-Raska, who leads the Blue Fountain Media team.

To help get a telemedicine service up and running in less than a month requires quick thinking and agility, and the BFM team played a critical part. We planned, wrote, designed, and developed a website to attract and educate users of CovidMD – all in under four weeks.

Now, we’re working with CovidMD to get the word out across all digital platforms and channels to keep people connected with care in these trying times.