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A hospitality mainstay with NYC roots, Baldor has delivered fine ingredients to restaurants since 1946. But as eateries closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, its business practically disappeared overnight. With supplier partnerships to maintain and employees to support, the company needed to adapt – and fast.

That’s when Baldor – a long-time client of BFM – approached our team with a mission: Make at-home delivery possible within their New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. markets.

Some of the pieces were already in place: Baldor had a website that supported online ordering, plus a well-established delivery network. But the ordering process was designed specifically for restaurant buyers, not the average Joe.

the challenge


Going B2C was a major change in how Baldor did business, and it came with some steep technical obstacles. To tackle them, our teams worked in close collaboration, administering the front- and back-end changes necessary to ensure Baldor was ready to serve the public. This included updates to its database structure and price-checking protocol, as well as refreshed website content that catered to the everyday consumer

Three days after the project start, Baldor Home Delivery was live – and customers were shopping.

“The BFM and Baldor teams have always collaborated closely on planning, prioritizing, and development of feature releases for their website and app,” said BFM Account Director Kevin Sergo, who oversees work with Baldor. “That level of collaboration and trust was crucial to be able to pivot from a B2B to a B2C service offering very quickly.” 

Since launch, Baldor Home Delivery has seen significant success. User sessions have increased 500 percent and consumers are receiving shipments of the restaurant-grade ingredients they love. Explore Baldor’s catalog for yourself, here.