CSA Group: A digital presence that sets the standard

As you read this page, there’s a good chance that you’re benefiting from the work of CSA Group. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with 39 offices worldwide, CSA Group is a standards organization that ensures the safety and technical excellence of the products and infrastructure you use every day. 

Millions of products bear the CSA mark, a globally recognized badge of safety and quality that products earn through rigorous certification and testing. CSA Group also writes standards that cover everything from nuclear power to railways, drawing on a network of over 9,000 volunteer experts.

BFM partnered with CSA Group to help communicate its unique history, role, and services to the world, with a best-in-class website and a range of other marketing communications.

The Challenge

While CSA Group is a nonprofit focused on the public good, it’s also a global organization and a provider of high-end, mission-critical services to some of the world’s biggest brands. The new site needed to reflect this reality.

The site needed to provide clear user pathways for very different audiences – prospective leads, members, and employees – while still giving a clear and compelling overview of the company. The site also needed to integrate with the store where people could purchase CSA Group standards documents.

CSA Website

The Approach

Our strategic approach to the website and other engagements for CSA Group has been focused on three main areas: audience, design, and messaging that engagingly captures the CSA Group’s mission and expertise as it exists today.

Website Personas

Persona Development

To understand how to architect the site, we needed to understand the many audiences who would use it. For each audience, we built a detailed persona. Who were they? What were their goals, and how would they find CSA Group and engage with the site? This work ensured that we developed clear user pathways and an organized site that was easy to navigate.

Refreshed Design

Our design deployed CSA’s green-and-blue colors to create a site that was professional, clean, and had a renewed focus on communicating a high level of service and technological expertise.  

We also ensured that CSA Group’s high-quality content was surfaced across the site, introducing more users to the breadth and depth of the organization’s expertise.

Corporate Video

CSA Group needed a new corporate video that gave an up-to-date picture of the company. Rather than just list off all the things the organization did, we wanted to find a creative concept that brought everything together in an accessible way.

Focusing on CSA Group’s role in enabling innovation, we showed how CSA Group brings ideas off the drawing board – showing how innovations that were once merely ideas have become parts of our everyday life.

CSA Video still


We were ultimately able to launch a more contemporary, easier-to-navigate website that helped show the full scope of CSA Group’s services and expertise.

Since launch, we’ve continued to work with CSA Group on a range of projects, including help on restyling their online store. More recently, we’ve been helping CSA Group plan the marketing for their 100-year anniversary in 2019 – an exciting project we’ve been privileged to be a part of.  

CSA Group Design Website