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Since 1971, FedEx has played an instrumental role in getting the things we care about – whether that’s presents or paperwork – to their final destinations quickly and safely. Among history’s most trusted courier delivery services, the company has seen tremendous growth in its nearly five decades. Today, it enjoys iconic status, with an unmistakable logo and a truly global suite of service offerings.

As the company has grown, so has its number of employees, with over 25,000 working on its FedEx Ground team alone. FedEx Ground turned to Blue Fountain Media to rebuild its internal communications hub, the Daily Ground Online, so the company could effectively and efficiently communicate with employees at scale.  

The Challenge

FedEx wanted an updated internal communications hub that could handle a national team, and was optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet. It needed to be a modern, user-centric internal site that delivered news and resources efficiently to employees

the challenge

The Approach

In the RFP process, our team built a strategic foundation that would propel all of the work we’d do with FedEx. A holistic and immersive dive into the FedEx Ground brand was integral to this process as we developed a mockup of what would eventually be a brand-new internal communications network.

User-centric Design

The Daily Ground Online had to be informative, but not appear overwhelming to users. BFM worked closely with the FedEx team to devise an effective navigation and homepage structure, as well as categories and subcategories for internal content, so visitors could easily find the information they were looking for.

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Simplified Sign-on

Our team successfully integrated the FedEx LDAP system with the Daily Ground Online, which allowed for a robust and secure Single Sign-on (SSO). Information is pulled directly from the FedEx directory in real-time, allowing for a personalized content experience relevant to each FedEx Ground employee.

Enhanced Content Experience

The Daily Ground Online hosts a large catalog of engaging articles and resources for users to explore. To get users more engaged with this content, the BFM team developed new ways for them to interact with it. This includes a “Special Announcement” tag, to distinguish high-priority content, and a new “Favorite” functionality, for users who want to save the stories they enjoyed most. What’s more, every article now concludes with an opportunity to leave feedback, creating a venue for conversation, criticism, and productive conversation.

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FedEx Ground engaged Blue Fountain Media looking for a way to unify its team and evolve how the entire organization communicated. Today, the Daily Ground is a digital hub and content gateway for all FedEx Ground employees, encouraging their engagement and driving productive conversation across the company's ranks. What's more, FedEx Ground now has greater visibility into the content its team actually enjoys consuming, laying the foundation for more fruitful communication in the future. 

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