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A global technology company, Avetta helps clients maintain exceptional standards in sustainability and safety, even in high-risk industries. Offering cloud-based supplier management, expert services, and a network that connects qualified suppliers with enterprise clients, Avetta is the lynchpin of a stronger supply chain.

For a company struggling with contractor management, the potential value of Avetta is enormous. But Avetta’s offering is complex – and so was its website. And as Avetta expanded worldwide, an English-only site was holding back global growth. The company turned to Blue Fountain Media to modernize the site and tell a single story.

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A clear sense of direction

The new website cuts through complexity by creating clear destinations for critical user questions – questions such as “Why Avetta?” and “What do you offer?”.

Because Avetta must speak to both sides of its network – clients and suppliers – the site also features distinct paths to address the interests and concerns of each group.

Designing for interaction

In the spirit of “show, don’t tell”, the site’s design puts a premium on interaction and helping prospects judge the Avetta platform for themselves.

Site pages feature video demos, self-guided tours, and a range of other interactions and proof points designed to help new visitors quickly grasp the value of the Avetta solution

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Global reach, personal touch

As a company enjoying global growth, Avetta was determined to globalize its website. Our new multi-lingual site, built on Drupal 8 on Acquia, currently supports browsing in 9 languages. 

In addition, Acquia enables powerful personalization that will allow Avetta to adapt the site to client and supplier audiences, and even customize content to the roles and industries of visitors.

The results

The site launched in December 2020, with multi-lingual versions added in February 2021. So far, the site is enabling greater discovery and engagement. Organic traffic is up 26.19% since January 1st in a YoY comparison and bounce rate is down 3.19% - putting Avetta in a strong position to capitalize on the unique strength of its offering.

We’re continuing to work with Avetta on personalization strategy, making the experience even more responsive and seamless.

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