Sony: Bringing life space UX to life through digital

Sony had a vision for a new collection of products that would carry on the company’s tradition of bold innovation. Combining beautiful, minimalist design with the latest in technology, these pieces would harmonize effortlessly with people’s homes, elevating the entire living space. In the words of Sony Chief Art Director Hirotaka Tako, the collection “links the ordinary with the extraordinary”.

Called Life Space UX, Sony’s gorgeous product line enjoyed huge success in Japan due to its versatility and beauty. Sony sought our help in leveraging digital content to drive similar success in the United States.

The Challenge

Our focus was on the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, which could create a high-definition, 80-inch image or video on practically any surface imaginable. But as a premium product at the intersection of technology and design, the audience for such a product in the US was niche, and general awareness was low.

We also needed to distinguish the projector from more functional, get-the-job-done competitors and show the projector’s unique benefits and uses in a range of ways.

SONY Short Throw Projector

The Approach

Extensive research helped us to define an audience, and interviews helped us understand what motivated purchasers and how they actually used these products in their homes. Building on these learnings, our strategy focused on narrowly targeting an interest-based audience, building compelling creative to demonstrate use cases, and smoothing the digital path to purchase.


new site engagements


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SONY Landing Page

Landing page refresh

Our creative team reworked the Ultra Portable Short Throw Projector landing page to enrich the content, elevate the language, and show the projector’s versatility around the home. We ensured that the hierarchy of information was clear and there was always a straightforward path to purchase.   

Paid & influencer campaigns

Our paid media team then deployed high-impact social and search campaigns, using the power of social and search platforms to reach the audience identified by our strategy.

We worked with Chris Macintosh of Daily Tekk to create a video review of the projector, which generated interest and buzz around the projector among tech enthusiasts who weren’t familiar with the product.  

SONY Influencer picture


Our site redesign, refreshed creative, and paid programming drove significant increases in site visits and site engagement, and more importantly drove product sales. We found Instagram ads drove the best and most efficient results, reflecting the visual appeal and lifestyle bent of the platform.

Our holiday promotional campaign, in fact, had to be halted because the projectors sold out – which is the kind of problem we like to cause for our clients!

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