Syneos Health: 30+ companies, one bold new site

With a market capitalization of over $5 billion, Syneos Health is among the biggest names in the biopharmaceutical solutions industry. Syneos is a strategic ally to pharma companies that want to operate smarter and innovate with confidence. But when the Syneos Health team first engaged BFM, they weren’t Syneos at all.

When our original client InVentiv Health merged with clinical research firm INC Research and 30+ other subsidiary companies during a website build, the change demanded a full-scale reimagining of their brand. Pivoting quickly, BFM worked alongside InVentiv as it transformed, delivering a reimagined site and playing an invaluable role in design, development, integrations, and more.

The Challenge

Turning many brands into one takes a lot more than a just a refreshed visual identity.  Services have to be rethought, systems have to be integrated, and the important bits of each company need to survive the jump. Doing so takes a little bit of everything: ambition, restraint, strategy, and creativity.

Syneos Website Design

The Approach

There were more than a few moving parts to think about in the transformation to Syneos Health. To tackle them all, BFM needed to be nimble enough to keep up with the quick moves typical of a brand’s first days, but also ready to execute with conviction.

From visual identity, to back end development, to a new applicant-tracking API, BFM brought the pieces together to create an engaging face for an exciting new brand.


websites unified


API for all job applicant tracking

Syneos Digital Banner

Starting Smart

The stakes for the new site launch were high. Moving without a plan simply wasn’t an option. Our team created a website strategy to lay the foundation for all our digital efforts, including new content, points of conversion, and conversion funnels.

Delivering on the New Brand

It was our job to bring the new, united Syneos Health brand to life in digital. Our designers’ vision for the Syneos Health website uses the new brand color, a bright orange, to generate a sense of boldness and energy without overwhelming the user.

Syneos Mobile Website
Syneos People

Integrating for Success

The Syneos Health website demanded significant back-end effort beyond just website development. Not only did our team build a new, single-API hub for employee recruiting, they also enabled, tested, and validated several third-party connectors, including SalesForce, Pardot, Eloqua, and popular social media platforms.


As the world’s only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization, Syneos Health enjoys a leading position in an important industry space. Thanks to the efforts of the BFM team, the company was able to enter that space with a strong online presence, setting the new company up for future success.

SYNEOS new website design BFM