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With more than a century of experience, United Church Funds (UCF) is the leading provider of investment management and planned giving services to the United Church of Christ (UCC). Founded in 1909, UCF empowers UCC-affiliated organizations by providing investment guidance that helps grow and preserve financial legacies. UCF’s mission is to provide clients with the sort of expertise that responsibly builds success – something they accomplish by offering a portfolio of funds that align with the core values of the UCC.

Needing to bring in more leads through digital, UCF engaged Blue Fountain Media to revamp their image online. Our team built a brand-new website that showcased UCF as a leader in the space and a trusted partner for future investments and giving initiatives.

The Challenge

Faith-based giving is a busy industry, and UCF wanted to stand out among the rest. To do so, the company would need to tell a story that spoke to its unique relationship with the UCC as well as its commitment to socially responsible investments. To support this revitalized narrative, the new website would have to be designed for high-quality storytelling – and be findable for those customers still considering their options.

ucf the challenge

The Approach

To begin our engagement with UCF, our team built a multi-layered strategy that created clear and concise guidelines for the direction of the new site. With all of the assessments done during this phase, the new strategy would ultimately lay as the groundwork moving forward for the new United Church Funds website. 

Improved CMS Experience

Modern users expect immersive digital experiences regardless of industry, but UCF’s website lacked the flexibility in its backend to meet the standards of the web today. Rather than engaging in a total re-platforming, our team capitalized on the potential in UCF’s existing WordPress build by integrating it with WP Engine, an open-source WordPress framework, to customize the CMS to the specific needs of the organization. In doing this, we could streamline the process of transformation while still adding a range of features, including secure hosting, cloud capabilities, and performance insight tools.

improved cms ucf
user driven design ucf

User-Driven Design

As we redesigned the UCF site, our team put particular focus on some critical enhancements. Website imagery was revitalized and transitions between information were streamlined, both to the benefit of the browsing experience across the site. Meanwhile, a collaborative team of UX and content experts totally re-envisioned the homepage, designing it to be a strategic welcome for every visitor. Throughout the website, new content was implemented to enrich the experience further, including testimonials and value-driven copy, that together built UCF’s brand credibility.

Enhanced Discoverability

If UCF was going to position itself as a market leader, potential clients had to be able to find the company quickly via search. In tandem with design and development efforts, our team administered an extensive SEO audit to optimize the new UCF website for today’s search ecosystem. Content was re-written to build search equity, and critical keywords were identified and implemented to further support on-site SEO and discoverability.

enhanced discover-ability ucf


UCF had earned its leading status through more than 100 years of hard work. With a new foothold in digital, the non-profit now had an online headquarters to chart out the next century of success – and a powerful new tool for telling its story.

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