Workfront: Showcasing the future of work

A pioneer and leader in work management software, Workfront empowers organizations to adopt modern work management. Workfront’s intuitive and innovative SaaS products replace disconnected ways of working, providing a single source of truth for the connected enterprise.

Workfront has achieved spectacular growth, featuring on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 five years running. As Workfront deepened its international presence and planned its expansion into new industries, the company wanted a new website that had a bold new design, consolidated multiple CMSs, integrated with an imposing martech stack, and delivered on superior lead generation.

The Challenge

Workfront produces a lot – and we mean a lot – of amazing content. But as its previous site grew organically, multiple teams were creating different parts of the site. Over time, this began to affect consistency of messaging, look and feel, and user experience.

On the technical side, the site used three CMSs, dozens of third-party integrations, and analytics software, hurting page load time. The site had previously suffered from a large loss of organic SEO, due to SEO preservation issues during a previous rebrand and site relaunch. And as befits a fast-moving technology company with an agile mindset, Workfront wanted to move quickly.   

Workfront Website on laptop

The Approach

Workfront had deep experience with what worked and what didn’t on their site. Our job was to absorb that knowledge and add a fresh perspective, using the rebuild as an opportunity to look strategically at the website’s role. And to meet the challenging timeline, a dedicated development team worked nights and weekends to deliver the site within just 6 weeks.

We have seen a 21% increase in MQL's from our targeted audiences resulting in one of the best quarters the company has had (Q2 of 2018). We have also experienced a 24% increase in content consumed per visit, 30% longer time spent on the website and a 32% improvement in bounce rates, 73% decrease in site load times all while maintaining our organic keyword placement (shout-out to our creative agency Blue Fountain Media who help accomplish this unheard of feat.) 

Tim Eyre
Workfront | Web Marketing & Operations

Acquia website

Powered by Acquia

We designed and built Workfront’s new site on Drupal 8, deploying Acquia Lift and Journey to power personalization of Workfront’s future marketing efforts across platforms. 

The site integrated with Tealium, Marketo Forms, One Trust (GDPR), Wistia, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Salesforce (to name just some of over 35 custom content components). 

Organized around Users              

Our strategy carefully identified the needs of Workfront’s different stakeholders – especially prospects – at different stages of the purchase journey. We then mapped those stakeholders and their needs to detailed user journeys, showing how each part of our proposed site would contribute to a lead and, ultimately, a purchase. This approach enabled us to simplify both site architecture and messaging.

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Workfront Saas Platform

A Product Showcase      

Previously, product pages had a very deep structure and demonstrated a potentially overwhelming number of features. We recommended organizing product features so it was easier to understand at a high level what each product did.

That way, it was easier for users to understand how individual pieces of functionality enable people to do their jobs faster and smarter.

Refreshed Design

Our analysis of the existing creative across the site spurred Workfront to create a consistent design system, so that its new site and marketing campaigns spoke with one clear voice. Our site design implemented and adapted that new system for the web.  

Workfront Website Design
Workfront Product


New core content pages are outperforming the old in terms of traffic volume and other page metrics. Site speed has also vastly improved. BFM will be continuing the relationship with ongoing development and maintenance work.

With such a rich library of content and a very wide range of potential prospects, personalization is an exciting opportunity for Workfront. With Acquia Lift and Journey, the company is ready to take marketing efforts to the next level.

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